Decision by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources
Recommend the inclusion of the combined steady-state nuclear LWD tool (made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC) in the register of technologies approved by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources.


Geophysical equipment

Geophysical instrumentation manufactured by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Key element


Neutron tubes developed by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») and FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»)


Gas-filled neutron tubes

Types of neutron tubes: Zh83-R2044 (Ж83-Р2044); AREV-40 (АРЕВ-40) and AREV-28 (АРЕВ-28).

Production cycle of pulsed neutron technologies is carried out starting from «zero» point – development and manufacturing of high-frequency gas-filled neutron tubes (trade name – AREV (АРЕВ)). Tube development is based on the world latest engineering and technological achievements. For example, component parts of AREV (АРЕВ) neutron tubes are manufactured according to the documentation of RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») at the enterprises in 6 different countries.

Manufactured parts are supplied to FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»), where neutron tubes are assembled according to the jointly developed technology. According to the documentation of RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») 2 types of gas-filled neutron tubes AREV-40 (АРЕВ-40) and AREV-28 (АРЕВ-28) with maximum diameter of 40 mm and 28 mm respectively and previously developed tube Zh83-R2044 (Ж83-Р2044) are manufactured in series at FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»).

Tube «acceleration» is carried out on the scientific and production facility. Pulsed neutron generators based on the tubes of AREV (АРЕВ) and Zh83-R2044 (Ж83-Р2044) series are also developed and manufactured there. AREV (АРЕВ) tube bulb is made of ceramics, current-focusing electrode structure does not have open-ended elements.

Therefore AREV (АРЕВ) tubes have outstanding resistance to vibration and impact effects. Parts’ manufacturing quality and assembly technology ensure maximum structure concentricity.

Invention patent No. 2451433

Application No. 2011119241


Authors: Butolin S.L., Chermenskiy V.G., Khasaev T.O.



Types of neutron tubes, used in the basic neutron generators of RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Table is quiet arbitrary because all types of generators can operate over the wide range of frequencies and porosity.

Generator designation, diameter, mm

Neutron tube type

Main operation mode

Current geological objective

Borehole instrumentation type

Development status

(МФНГ-341), 34

AREV-28 (АРЕВ-28)

500 Hz

Reservoir permeability and porosity determination, 


Test run

MFNG-411 (МФНГ-411), 41

AREV-28 (АРЕВ-28)

500 Hz



, 60

AREV-40 (АРЕВ-40)

500 Hz

Reservoir permeability and porosity determination,
C/O logging

PILK-76 (ПИЛК-76)
APILK-160 (АПИЛК-160),
APILK-102 (АПИЛК-102),
APILK-90 (АПИЛК-90),
PIMS-76 (ПИМС-76)

At production site

, 70

AREV-40 (АРЕВ-40) 
Zh83-R2044 (Ж83-Р2044)

10 kHz

C/O logging


At production site