Decision by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources
Recommend the inclusion of the combined steady-state nuclear LWD tool (made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC) in the register of technologies approved by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources.


Geophysical equipment

Geophysical instrumentation manufactured by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Key element


Neutron tubes developed by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») and FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»)


Module for logging while drilling - made in Russia



In 2017, OOO NPP Energiya, LLC finished the development of and introduced in the Russian market an LWDХХХ-2NNL-GGLDL tool – an azimuth-directed lithodensity and dual neutron logging module for logging while drilling.
Introducing the LWD systems in the industry, a pilot ommercial development was carried out on OAO LUKOIL, OJSC fields in West Siberia. Some of the operations were done in cooperation with foreign analog LWD systems.
The tests demonstrated effectively the competitiveness of the tools designed and made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC - which attracted a great interest of the oilmen and geophysicists to the Russian technology offered.
For the first time such data were obtained on Russian-made equipment.

As of November 2021, 68 LWD devices of various sizes have been manufactured. Work with them is carried out during the construction of wells in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, in the Orenburg region and Bashkiria, in Kamchatka. To date, more than 400 wells have been drilled with the tools LWD-121 and LWD-172 of NPP Energiya, with a total circulation time of over 44,000 hours.
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