Decision by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources
Recommend the inclusion of the combined steady-state nuclear LWD tool (made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC) in the register of technologies approved by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources.


Geophysical equipment

Geophysical instrumentation manufactured by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Key element


Neutron tubes developed by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») and FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»)


Pulsed lithologic logging tool PILK-76

pilk_76Designed to carry out borehole pulsed neutron logging techniques. Pulsed neutron generator at high frequency radiates geological materials around the borehole tool. At double distance from pulsed neutron source thermal neutron detectors (modification of 2INNK (2ИННК)) record thermal neutron count rate during neutron pulse and thermal neutron flux drop time spectrum after neutron pulse finishing.

Applied in wells with open or cased hole with any circulation fluid type.

Active tasks:

  • determination of current oil saturation on oil fields with oilfield brine over 20 g/l and porosity over 12;
  • determination of gas-liquid contact;
  • determination of hydrogen content and effective reservoir porosity;
  • lithologic sectional layering.

Detector units – proportional or corona helium counter tubes (He-3).

High-frequency neutron pulsed generator MFNG-601 (МФНГ-601) with gas-filled neutron tube AREV-40 (АРЕВ-40) is used as neutron source with energy of 14 MeV. Neutron output (at neutron pulse oscillating frequency of 400 Hz) – up to 2´108 neutrons/sec.

If necessary it can be equipped with gamma-ray logging channel to measure natural radioactivity of geological materials and with collar locator to measure boring casing integrity and/or tubing.

  Measured parameters Range Accuracy
Natural gamma-ray EDR for gamma-ray logging channel 0÷250  μR/h 15 %
Neutron-capture cross-section 3÷55 c.u. 1.5 %
Hydrogen content measurement range 0÷40 % 4.2+2.3(40/ КA-1) %
Collar locating at least seven times signal level increasing when passing through a collar 


General technical specifications
Tool overall length, mm 4013 max
Tool diameter, mm 76 max
Total tool weight, kg 73 max
Maximum ambient temperature, °C 120  
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80  
Neutron frequency of oscillation, kHz 400÷1000  
Logging speed, m/h 100÷800  
Combinability terminal / transit  
Position in well free