Decision by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources
Recommend the inclusion of the combined steady-state nuclear LWD tool (made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC) in the register of technologies approved by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources.


Geophysical equipment

Geophysical instrumentation manufactured by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Key element


Neutron tubes developed by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») and FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»)


Self-contained gamma-gamma ray density logging tool APGGK-90R


Designed to carry out geophysical well logging using the compensated gamma-gamma ray density logging method.

Designed to explore very pitching and horizontal sections of oil- and gas-well bores filled with oil- and water based circulation fluid.

Active tasks:

  • correlation of well logs and lithologic changes;
  • detailed lithologic differentiation;
  • stratigraphic studies;
  • reservoir porosity and permeability determination / clarification;
  • geological material mineral composition determination / clarification.

 Tool is designed to operate with gamma-ray source Cesium-137 with activity level between 6.65×109 and 3×1010 Bq. Gamma-ray detector units – scintillation detectors with photo-electronic multiplier.

In standard version it is equipped with free rotation unit ensuring drill tool barring during exploration.

Tool APGGK-90R (АПГГК-90Р) can be manufactured in version with a removable source. Such a design allows radioactive source not to be left in a well in case of emergency.
Tool’s new design and developed probe ensure material quality, that is equal to operating quality of tools on logging cable. 

Measured parameters Geological material volume density
Measurement range between 1.7×10and 3.0×10g/cm3
Fundamental relative measurement error limit between 1.7×10and 2.0×103 g/cm3
± 2.0 %
between 2.0×10and 3.0×103 g/cm3
± 1.2 %


General technical specifications
Tool overall length, mm 3300 max
Tool diameter, mm 90 max
Total tool weight, kg 120 max
Power supply, self-contained, V 12.5  
Maximum ambient temperature, °C 90 (120) see Note 
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80  
Diameter of the hole, mm 120÷300  
Logging speed, m/h 400 max
Standalone downtime, hours in recording mode 10  
Record frequency, (samples per second) 2  
Sitting on drill tool  

Note: during logging in wells with temperature over +90ºC it is necessary to use either special heat-resisting power supply elements or thermostat control device for rechargeable battery pack.