Decision by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources
Recommend the inclusion of the combined steady-state nuclear LWD tool (made by OOO NPP Energiya, LLC) in the register of technologies approved by Expert Technical Council at State Commission on Mineral Resources.


Geophysical equipment

Geophysical instrumentation manufactured by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия»)

Key element


Neutron tubes developed by RPE Energiya, LLC (ООО «НПП Энергия») and FSUE Integrated Plant “Electrohimpribor” (ФГУП «Комбинат «Электрохимприбор»)




Tool applications:

  • borehole design control during drilling;
  • registration of images of density, hydrogen content and natural gamma activity in 16 sectors;
  • borehole profile registration according to density and acoustic caliper data;
  • routing drilling in the reservoir thanks to azimuth measurements;
  • allocation of collectors;
  • determining the nature of reservoir saturation;
  • determination of technological parameters of drilling (pipe and annular pressure, annular temperature).

The device can operate both from its own and from external power sources.
Compensated neutron-neutron logging measuring device contains a chamber for placement of an ampoule source of fast neutrons IBN-8-5, IBN-8-6 a measuring unit   lithology-density logging contains a camera for placement of a Cs-137 gamma radiation source type IGI-Ts-4.

The neutron source is recoverable.


Measured parameters Range Accuracy (relative) Statistical accuracy** 
Water-saturated porosity (2NNA each), % 0÷60 4.2+2.3(40/Кп-1), % ±5% relative error
Density, g / cm3 1.5÷2.0
Photoelectric Absorption Index (Pe), b/e− 1.0÷2.5 

 ± 0.2 b/e−
± 0.25 b/e− 

± 0.15 b/e−
Gamma Ray, μR / hour 0÷250 ± 15 % ±5.0%
Distance from the outer surface of the 2GGK probe to the borehole wall*, mm


± 3 mm

± 1.5 mm
Distance from the outer surface of the acoustic caliper sensor to the borehole wall*, mm 0÷100 
σпж=1.0 g/сm3
σпж=1.2 g/сm3
σпж=1.6 g/сm3 
±2,5 mm   
Annular and pipe pressure, МPа 0÷140 ±2.5%  
Annular temperature, °С 0÷140 ±2.5%  
Vertical resolution 35 сm (10 in)
50 сm (20 in)(2NNA each)
80 сm (GR)

*During rotary drilling, the azimuthal distribution of the recorded data is carried out over 16 sectors
**at a speed of 20 m/h (65 ft/hr)

Общие технические данные
Length, mm 3130 (123.2”) no more
Body Diameter, mm 172 (6.75”) no more
Maximum Stabiliser Diameter, mm 216 (8.5”)  
Hole Size 216÷223 
(8.5” to 8.78”)
Total Weight, kg 500 kg (1102 lbs) no more
Operating Temperature Range:°С:
  when working in the well

during programming and performance checks

10 to 150°С
(50 to 302°F)
45 to 60°С
(-49 to 140°F)
Maximum pressure, МPа 100 (14.500psi)  
Ultimate load:
Make up torque

Permissible tensile force

Permissible compressive force

(31 kft·lbs)

2100 N
(470 klbs)

2800 kN
(630 klbs)
Max. bending moment when sliding 35 kN m
(25.8 kft·lbs)
during rotation 25 kN·m
(18.4 kft·lbs)
Maximum Dogleg Severity (rotating)\(sliding) when sliding 7°/10 m
during rotation 3.5°/10 m
Battery life 240 h not less
Vibration resistance in the range 10÷60 Hz 20 g  
Max Shock 50 g  
Max Flowrate 63.l/s (1030 gpm) not less
Connections (NC50/ NC50)  
 The moment of fastening of the locking thread  34÷36 кН×m